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Why This Professional Intuitive Wants You To Set Boundaries This Week

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Author & Energy Healer

By Natasha Levinger

Author & Energy Healer

Natasha Levinger teaches inner child healing and is a professional intuitive reader and energy healer. She is co-host of the spiritual podcast Magic Monday. Her book, “Inner Child Healing,” comes out in Spring 2023. Natasha is offering three free meditations to mindbodygreen readers who sign up for her newsletter.

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Each week, join author and energy healer Natasha Levinger as she reads the communal energy to predict what’s in store for us in the days ahead.

Looking into the week ahead, I keep getting the image of layers peeling off. These layers are like thick old glue–kind of heavy and slightly sticky but more than ready to peel away with just a little intention.

This tells me that patterns that are no longer serving us are now ready to be removed. In peeling them away, we could reveal a greater connection to who we are and how we want to show up in the world.

Energy reading for Feb 15-21, 2022: Set boundaries in your relationships to connect to yourself on a deeper level.

I feel this week’s energy is encouraging us to set boundaries around relationships that have felt like a lot of work. The energy is bringing attention to the feeling you’ve had that you need to work on this relationship, or you aren’t being fair or nice.

You have a right to not want a friendship or relationship for any reason other than you simply don’t want it, and you’ll be aware of that this week. Happy Valentine’s Day? But seriously, this is great news, because when you are honest with yourself about which relationships you don’t want to put your energy into, you can dedicate your energy to the ones that you do want to invest in.

Once we peel back any limiting patterns or relationship dynamics that have likely been with us since childhood, we reveal a soft underbelly of ourselves that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. We reveal raw material of expansive energy of who you really are.

It may feel like you don’t even know who this is without the patterning, but it should still feel good. It may take some courage to explore, Wait, what do I really want without this limiting belief of who I am? Who am I even without it? But when you do, it should feel like the unfolding is fun, heart-centered, and even exciting.

These past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling an addition of light and assistance from the universe that’s rooting for us to get to this energy of who we really are. It feels to me like the energy has been super-boosted with information, like the universe is up there going, “Just give them the answers to the test so they can get to it already!”

So in that spirit, this week it can help to recognize when the patterns that aren’t serving us are coming up so that we can consciously choose to no longer participate in them.

Tools to try:

Visualize shedding old patterns.

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine an old unhelpful pattern that you are ready to let go of. If it hasn’t revealed itself clearly yet, then think of something you would like to let go of. Maybe it’s low self-worth feelings or a reluctance to set boundaries. Imagine taking it off of your energy field like unzipping a coat. Then see yourself in front of a stream and put the energy into it. Watch as the clear, sparkling water absorbs it and takes it downstream. Then breathe in light and open your eyes.

Assess your current relationships.

Think about if you have any relationships that have been a lot of work lately. Does it feel worth it, or does it feel like it’s draining you? If you are feeling reluctant to let go but feel you really want to, ask yourself what is keeping you from setting the boundary.

Questions to ask:

What sparks joy in my life? How can I bring in more of that energy?

Where could I be more expansive?

How can I step more into my own light?

What relationships do I want to put my energy into?

What relationships do I need to set boundaries with?

The bottom line.

This week offers us an opportunity to release old patterns that are keeping us from being true to who we really are. Allow yourself to feel into the joy of being who you are, and explore more about who that is.

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