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Why Astrologers Say This Is *The* Week To Find Your Kindred Spirit

With the impulsive red planet pulsing in the sign of the global traveler, you could be double-tapping “Reserve My Flight” before you’ve had a chance to think through every logistical detail. So check things like proof of vaccination and quarantine rules before expecting to board a plane, like, tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs will feel a surge of motivation, and developments could happen at a rapid clip, even before the holidays. Careful not to blow through all that seed money on startup costs. With Mars playing Powerball in capricious Sagittarius, it’s tough to tell the difference between a calculated risk and a straight-up gamble. While there may be some high-pressure moments when we must carpe the diem between now and January 24, it’s never wise to leap blindfolded. For best results, handle the due diligence, crunch the numbers, and run the background checks.

Thankfully, there will be some support in the “sensible decision-making” department as strategic Mercury settles into Capricorn until January 2. The key to success is to expect mistakes and learn from them instead of trying to nail it on the first try. One important lesson that Capricorn, the zodiac’s CEO, teaches us is this: ‘Tis better to delegate than to do it all by yourself.

As social Mercury buzzes through this sign, people will be the most valuable “resource” of all. Start mapping out the requirements for your dream team (or dream date!). Having a clear vision of what qualities you need–and which ones you don’t–will be an essential part of the casting process. Is it time to do a little “Rolodexing”? Mercury in Capricorn pings us with a reminder chime that knowing the right people is part of the path to success. Plant yourself among prestigious folks in your network or industry. If you’re not ready to play ball, start soaking up their vibes in preparation for your eventual ascent.

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