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Why Astrologers Are Predicting This Weekend Will Be Extra Romantic

But first, more mystery, magic, and mojo, please! The year won’t fade without another round of passionate intensity.

As the co-ruler of Scorpio (along with Pluto), Mars is back in its wheelhouse. This lusty phase, which lasts until December 13, will be quite the bodice-ripper! Scorpio is the sign of soulful (and serious) sensuality, with all the tantric trimmings–and Mars is bringing sexy back with a bang.

All sorts of “mergers and acquisitions” will happen over the next seven weeks. Whether you’re in the bedroom or the boardroom, look for the keepers. You want to sign these deals in permanent ink! In existing joint ventures, switch up your strategy. Rather than splitting everything straight down the middle, play to each person’s strength and outsource the rest. That’s how to keep your duos dynamic.

And easy does it with the power plays! This is not the time to act capriciously or fail to run proper background checks. People may have hidden agendas–ones that involve an unquenchable thirst for domination. Lawyer up and put agreements in writing. Need funding? Shop around that business plan or set up a crowdfunding campaign. Raise your financial IQ by learning the finer points of crypto or real estate.

Finally, reuse, repurpose, and recycle! Savvy Scorpio energy loves the challenge of alchemizing lead into gold.

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