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What To Know About This Weekend’s Rare Full Supermoon In Libra

Where new moons are about setting intentions and starting fresh, full moons are about releasing what isn’t working for us. And since this is the first full moon of spring, and the moon is squared with Pluto, it’s the perfect time to let go of any lingering winter energy you’re still feeling and make room for rebirth.

With rebirth and transformation in mind, Quinn recommends becoming aware of where you might be wearing rose-colored glasses in relationships, friendships, your workplace–whatever it may be. Set aside some time this weekend to get clear on where you’re kidding yourself, and what you heart is really asking for.

“You could do any kind of journal writing, clearing out what comes up during this time that relates to seeing people or things accurately,” Quinn says. Or, she notes, maybe you consult your favorite tarot deck, asking the cards for insight on what you could be missing. “You can ask what needs to be let go during this time as a question with a tarot pull, and that can give some insight into something that maybe you’re not paying attention to or looking at,” she adds.

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