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What Time Of Day Should You Take Magnesium? It Depends — Here’s What To Know

For a quick recap on why you might want to take a magnesium supplement in the first place, hundreds of processes in the body require the almighty mineral. While certain foods contain magnesium, your daily needs are quite high (310 to 420 milligrams daily), and an estimated 43% of U.S. adults currently fail to meet their daily needs through diet alone. Supplementing with magnesium is a way to proactively mind that gap, plus support brain health, heart health, muscle and skeletal health, blood sugar balance, and much more, on a daily basis.*

As for the best time of day to consume the mineral, it largely depends on the type of magnesium you’re taking. There are a handful of forms, or complexes, of magnesium supplements that pair the mineral with different compounds to assist with its delivery.

Today, we’re talking through the timing of four of the most popular forms. While you should always follow the timing instructions provided on your particular supplement (or by your doctor), these are good general best practices to keep in mind.

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