What No Trainer Will Tell You

no trainer will tell you

No trainer will tell you this, but I’m just going to come out and say it….

It’s OKAY to indulge during the holidays!

Yes of course, if you plan on eating a whole pie w/ a bottle of wine everyday for the next month, we should talk, but that’s not what most of us do.

Did you see my post on “the truth about holiday weight gain?” Def. check it out.

Yes it’s true if you don’t have a plan holiday indulging can leave you feeling bloated, lethargic, gaining excess weight and really just feeling like sh*t. But I’ve got you!

Also, how boring would this time of year be if we didn’t enjoy our favorite dishes and traditions with the people we love?

What’s worked best for me over the last few years is what I call intentional indulging.

It basically means I’m more mindful about what matters to me and I go into social situations, and the grocery store, with a plan!

Here’s how I do it:

I don’t leave my house hungry.

I always make a protein shake  before I go out. Even if it’s out to dinner!

Getting 20 grams of protein before you go out will reduce your hunger hormone and help you feel more full so you won’t just grab anything in sight when hanger hits. It helps you make better choices. 

Get your LSF Plant Protein Here. 

I evaluate how much I want it. 

Like I could care less about the chocolate chip cookies Karen brought to the office, but you better believe I’m eating my mom’s double fudge brownies.

I don’t stand at the snack table. 

Do you ever find yourself hanging at the table mindlessly snacking. All. The. Time! Most people migrate there – it’s weird. But, I’ve learned to grab a plate, fill it with what I want and move on. Truth is, you can always go back, but this will help you slow your roll. 

I bring better versions.

You know there is that one thing you just LOVE this time of year. The one you can’t help but eat too much of sometimes. I’m the same way, so I always bring that to parties, but I use my Holiday Survival Guide or Guiltless Nutrition Recipe Books for my recipes. That way I know I have a healthier version and don’t feel guilty (or sick) having a few extra. 

This is a time to enjoy yourself, but no one has fun when they over-do it.

I know if you follow these tips you will be able to indulge and still have room for your Sleepy Time Peppermint Hot Chocolate when you get home.

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