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What Astrologers Want You To Embrace (& Avoid) During This Year’s Scorpio Season

Scorpio’s erotic powers are legendary–and this solar season is prime time to unleash your own undercover freak. But this isn’t just about scoring a quick hookup! This is the sign of intimacy, merging, and “constant craving,” like the song by Scorpio K.D. Lang–it’s where two become one, and you can revel in the communion of mind, body, and soul.

During this season, a kiss is never just a kiss, so don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can keep it casual. Exchanging energy–even a deeply penetrating eye lock–creates an invisible “cord” between two people. Before you gaze into the windows to someone’s soul, consider whether or not you really want to find out what’s really happening behind those sultry eyes. It might be best to look away…and walk away!

Since Scorpio is the sign of both jealousy and transformation, you might explore new thinking about ethical nonmonogamy, polyamory, and other of-the-moment topics. The bold memoir Future Sex by Emily Witt details a single woman’s foray into sex and sexuality in the internet age from Orgasmic Meditation/OM-ing workshops to “Chaturbate,” to no-strings hookup attempts with friends. Or check out Esther Perel‘s SXSW talk on the future of love, lust, and monogamy.

There are plenty of other ways to get in touch with your sensual, life-force energy. Even doing simple hip circles–standing in place and rotating your hips like you’re slowly hula hooping–can get stagnant energy flowing again. Or check out Fragrant Sensuality by author Valerie Worwood and learn how the power of scent can unlock erotic magic.

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