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We’ve Discovered Organic Sunscreen & Will Never Turn Back. Here’s Why

Spending time in the sunshine does more than provide the perfect summer glow, it also offers a slew of amazing health benefits for your mind and body. Studies show that spending time in the sun can increase vitamin D levels, improve sleep, decrease symptoms of depression, and strengthen the immune system. Plus, most people in America are highly deficient in Vitamin D, which is crucial to our health and well-being. Vitamin D can help prevent disease, regulate mood and support weight loss–all the more reason to get outside and bask in those summer rays.

Long days of summer sun may feel like just what the doctor ordered, but it’s easy to overdo it without proper protection. While sunshine has countless benefits for our health, it’s also important that we enjoy it responsibly–which means going all in on sun protection. Lathering on the sunscreen can help us prevent skin cancer, discoloration, and premature wrinkles. But it’s also important to note that not all sunscreens are created equal.

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