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Tuesday Will Bring An Astrological Transit 100s Of Years In The Making

Just as you sit down to focus on your daily tasks, you could get diverted to the Enchanted Forest…or onto some other random but fascinating quest. Carve out time for creativity, but dokeep one eye on the clock. Reminder alarms are a saving grace during this cycle. Mars in Pisces is not exactly directional–but it is quite dreamy. The next six weeks are an ideal time for plumbing the depths, exploring life’s mysteries, and bringing more compassion into daily interactions. Add more soul to your goals. How can your work uplift others, making them feel seen, valued, and inspired?

When it comes to love, life could resemble a page-turning fairy tale during this phase, especially while seductive Venus rolls alongside lusty Mars in Pisces until May 2. During this passionate, poetic cycle, love’s fast-moving current could sweep you off to enchanted shores. But in the sign of healing and fantasy, you could get pulled into a quixotic or even clandestine attraction. Part of you will relish getting caught up in these wild feelings, but deception (including self-deception) could be at play. Attached? This transit is ideal for a couple’s retreat or long-overdue healing work. In an increasingly divided world, this Venus-Mars phase can act as a soothing salve and, since Pisces rules the feet, an invitation to walk a mile in each other’s shoes. It’s time to shift your closest relationships–and the collective conscience–by choosing love over fear and hate.

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