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This Week’s Rare Supermoon Explained: Here’s What It’s Asking Us To Do

June’s full moon will peak just before 8 a.m. EST on Tuesday, June 14–so keep an eye out for it the night before and the night after. It also happens to be a super moon, so it’s going to appear bigger and brighter than usual. It will land in the sign of Sagittarius, astrology’s adventurous and philosophical archer, so Sag themes will also be present.

As astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D. explains to mbg, this full moon–and this moon cycle as a whole–began in Gemini on the new moon two weeks ago. “It went from Gemini, an air sign that was dealing with this past Mercury retrograde at the new moon, and now with the full moon, Mercury will have just regressed into Gemini, where it’s at home,” she explains.

Gemini season in general highlights communication and ideas, and once Mercury is sitting comfortably during the full moon, communication may flow more easily. Keep in mind, however, that both Mars and Jupiter are in Aries–amping up our own internal fire (and potentially tempers).

“The most important part about this full moon,” Pennington says, “is that Jupiter is in a fire sign, specifically Aries.” Even though Jupiter has just left its home of Pisces, she says, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so this combination of a Sag full moon and Jupiter in a fellow fire sign, she says, encourages us to “be free, be active, and work with Mars’ energy.”

And thanks to the Sagittarius influence, we may feel optimistic around this time as well. It fuels us with an ability to “rebel or have a revelry,” she explains. It may also feel like a particularly dreamy or sensitive moon. “Sometimes without boundaries, but very, very creative,” she adds, thanks to the sun, moon, and Neptune forming a tight square.

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