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This Unexpected Ingredient Will Make Your Smoothie 10x Creamier

While collagen supplements, in general, tend to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, not all of them support optimal gut health (or deliver seven additional powerhouse ingredients, mind you).*

This premium powder formula has been thoughtfully crafted and contains ingredients that every collagen supplement should, such as vitamins C and E (your body cannot effectively produce or protect collagen without this impressive antioxidant duo), essential B vitamin biotin, moisturizing bioactive hyaluronic acid, gut-loving amino acid L-glutamine, and botanical phytonutrient from turmeric and broccoli.*

It’s important to remember that your natural collagen production slows down as you age and takes an additional dip when you’re experiencing stress. The fact of the matter is: One of the most targeted and effective ways to promote your body’s natural collagen production is through collagen supplementation.* And when it’s as easy as tossing one scoop of powder into your smoothie every day, what’s not to love?

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