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This Underused Leafy Green Is Bursting With Vitamin C, Fiber & Folate

As with any leafy green, the possibilities for arugula are endless. You can keep it simple by making cold dishes, like a salad, a gut-healthy smoothie, or a sandwich with pear and arugula instead of lettuce leaves. If you want to heat things up, you can try this six-ingredient arugula stracciatella soup, a low-carb, nutrient-dense option that’s quick and easy to make for a weeknight meal.

You can also stir it into pasta sauces or soup, saute it and serve with a protein like baked chicken or seared steak, and/or sprinkle it on top of a homemade pizza.

Pro tip: Massaging arugula with salad dressing or some olive oil and salt for five to 10 minutes before eating it raw can help cut down on the bitterness. When making a salad, you can also pair it with sweet or salty ingredients, like dried fruit or crumbled bacon, for the same palate-enhancing effect.

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