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This Type Of Eye Contact Is Said To Make People Fall In Love — But Does It Work?

So, what do relationships experts make of the psychology love eye trick?

“There’s a lot more that goes into falling in love besides doing a trick like that,” says Nu?ez.

That said, she says eye contact certainly can foster more intimacy and vulnerability–and even have some seductive power. “I’ll have [client couples] do eye gazing because it gives a certain level of vulnerability,” Blaylock-Solar adds. “It doesn’t mean that it’s a trick to fall in love, however.”

Nu?ez agrees, noting that if you’re really looking for true love, it’s going to take more than a simple trick. True love comes down to time, effort, and a conscious choice on both people’s part.

“If you have to trick someone into it, then maybe be assess whether you want somebody to lust after you or if you want somebody to really love you,” she adds.

When it comes to really making someone fall in love with you, Nu?ez says to focus on showing up for this person consistently and communicating openly and honestly. “You want a relationship with love that’s built on trust and honesty, so the more consistent you can be with a partner, and the more you’re there to listen without judgment, not make the relationship solely about you, you know, and being present–that’s number one,” she says.

Even Lloyd never said this trick works for a love-at-first-sight moment, but rather to enhance intimacy that is already building with a crush.

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