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This Tarot Card Represents The Perfect Balance Of Wisdom & Stability

The King of Cups represents a diplomatic king who is in tune with his emotions and intuition, and is good at holding things together in rocky situations, tarot reader and author of The Big Book of Tarot Readings, Sam Magdaleno tells mbg. “Overall he’s a figure of stability and wisdom, with a bit of a flare for the creative,” she adds.

To break it down further, you can think about the energy of the cup suit, as well as the energy the King brings to each suit. As astrologist and tarot expert Bess Matassa previously explained to mbg, the suit of cups is connected to water, which is associated with emotions, feelings, and intuition. “For me, it’s about those internal waters–the internal, emotional experience,” she notes.

And, she adds, the court cards in each suit (King, Queen, Knight, and Page) can be interpreted as people and personalities, but they can also represent “parts of ourselves that we’re being asked to reclaim.”

Overall, the King of Cups is all about maturity, emotional and subconscious mastery, and remaining steadfast in the face of difficulty.

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