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This Supplement Puts Me In A Summery, Feel-Good Mood — Even In Winter

Although I was ready to up my vitamin D intake in order to support my mood, I needed to do my own research on how to increase my D levels first.*

I started reading anything I could find about vitamin D, and quickly learned that even if I spent all the sunny winter days outside, I still wouldn’t be getting enough of the sunshine vitamin. I needed to expose my skin to get vitamin D from the sun (and that simply isn’t an option in Michigan when there’s snow on the ground). And actually, regardless of skin exposure, I would need to live at a lower latitude (than Michigan) for the sun angle to be vitamin D-production worthy during the winter months.

Since vitamin D isn’t found in many foods (and where it is found, it’s a really small amount), supplementation seemed to be the way to go. Thanks to mindbodygreen, I learned that vitamin D3 is a superior form to D2 and fat is crucial to aid absorption.* All the research I did kept leading me back to vitamin D3 potency+ for its form, strength, and built-in absorption, so I decided to try it for myself.*

Taking vitamin D3 potency+ is a stress-free experience, from start to finish. I love the all-in-one formula because I don’t have to worry about taking it at the right time or with the right things–everything I need to absorb my D3 is right in the gelcap.* And with my subscription, I never have to wonder if I remembered to order my next bottle–it just shows up on my doorstep once a month!

As for the effects of taking mbg’s vitamin D3 supplement? After a couple months, I can honestly say I feel great! It’s made a massive difference in my overall mood, motivation levels, and emotional well-being.* Simply put, I just feel happier!

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