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This Solar Eclipse Will Totally Shift The Energy: Here’s What To Know

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s global explorer, and this new moon broadens our horizons. Ironically, while restrictions have drastically affected our ability to travel, humans are sharing an unprecedented, unified experience–from Peru to the Persian Gulf. The Sagittarius eclipses–which began with a lunar (full moon) eclipse on June 5, 2020, and wrap with this final solar eclipse–serve us powerful lessons around travel.

As with every eclipse, there is a paradox. Environmental studies were already showing the grave impact of tourism on the Earth. Economically, however, this Sagittarian-ruled area was rich in opportunity, tripling in growth to a $1.6 trillion industry over the past 20 years–one that allowed some of Earth’s poorest citizens access to money. People were exposed to foreign cultures, opening minds. But hotels crowded out Indigenous populations, watering down the authenticity of formerly protected areas. Travel bloggers inspired with breathtaking photos from their journeys. Meanwhile, intrepid travelers lost the joy of discovery since they could already “experience” and plan their entire journey before boarding a plane. In 2019 (when Jupiter was in its home sign of Sagittarius), Mount Everest became so overcrowded with climbers that there were record death and injury tolls due to these “traffic jams.”

Certainly, 2021 has been a very un-Sagittarian year for travel. Silver lining? This forced timeout helped many realize that with great adventure comes even greater responsibility. So, when it’s safe to sojourn freely again, replace “Choose Your Own Adventure” with “Design Your Own Adventure.” Plan with care, taking time to think of how you will interact with the environment. From the landscape to the people to the food you consume (and the trash that it leaves behind), you’re not just “visiting”; you’re in symbiotic communication with your destination.

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