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This Self-Tanner Never Streaks & Gives Me The Ultimate Sun-Kissed Glow

My love of a sunkissed glow has led me on a hunt for the best self-tanners, and I’ve easily tested more than a dozen formulas. The biggest issue I run into time and time again is a streaky tan–a huge no-go before a big event.

Of course, you can fix the streaks by applying product to the missed areas, but you likely don’t have 6 to 8 hours to spare for the formula to dry. That’s why I’ve completely fallen for the Self Tanner Lotion from Beauty By Earth.

The lightweight formula is slightly tinted, so I can easily track where I’ve already applied it. This helps ensure I get an even, streak-free tan every single time, especially when prepping for an important event.

Plus, the self-tanner boasts clean and natural ingredients, unlike some tanners, which contain lilial and Benzyl salicylate. Instead, it contains beet-derived DHA to give that subtle golden glow, as well as moisturizing additions like aloe vera, shea butter, and green tea.

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