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This Sculpting Tool Helps Your Facial Muscles Literally Act Younger

A microcurrent facial starts off like any other classic treatment: Double cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions, and massage–then it’s time to whip out the microcurrent device. These can vary depending on the brand; some are short and narrow, while other probes are round and cylindrical.

Microcurrents always need a water-based conductive gel to work, so your esthetician will begin by applying a jellylike goop on areas you’d like to tighten. Finally, they will start gliding the device across your skin: “Starting at the neck and finishing on the forehead, an electrical probe is used to lift from bottom up to reeducate your muscles,” explains Akram.

Now, for the million-dollar question: Does it hurt? Assuming you’re using a quality microcurrent device, you shouldn’t actually feel anything at all. “Microcurrent is an extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical current. Because this level of electricity is so low, treatments are comfortable and painless,” notes Garcia. You may notice a slight tingling as the device reaches thinner, more delicate areas like around the mouth, but your muscles shouldn’t twitch in response–in fact, any sort of response may be a red flag.

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