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This RD Says Upcycled Foods Will Be The Future Of Snacking: 5 To Try

Of the nearly 40 million tons of food that Americans waste each year, fruits and vegetables comprise 30 to 40%. Produce is perishable, and since many of us buy fruits and veggies and then let them go bad, this number may not be so surprising.

Some of the waste from fruits and veggies comes from their edible skins and peels. RIND Snacks found a way to dry fruit with the peels and rinds on, which not only cuts down on food waste, but also increases the nutrient density of their snacks.

In 2020, RIND was able to save over 120,000 pounds of food waste from the snacks they make with coconut, oranges, persimmons, peaches, watermelon, kiwi, and more.

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