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This Quick Facial Massage Can Lift The Eye Area & Reduce Puffiness

Like most facial massages, the key is to float your fingertips upward and outward. This encourages more circulation in the tissue, which helps reduce puffiness and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells (thus leading to a lit-from-within glow). Of course, you’ll want to grab an oil or moisturizer for some slip–especially if you’re about to massage the delicate eye area.

Bonus points if your moisturizer contains ingredients known to help with fluid mechanics in the body, like caffeine (we love BYBI’s C-Caf Cream). Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor (it compresses blood vessels in the skin), which can help reduce flushing and support resolution of inflammatory pathways–both of which can lead to swollen eye bags. Banana extract is also a star ingredient: “The high level of potassium in bananas helps counteract the salt that leads to fluid buildup,” writes integrative medicine physician Bindiya Gandhi, M.D., about puffy eyes.

Grab your product of choice, then follow along below:

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