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This One Step Is Crucial For Pro-Level Manicures & You’re Probably Skipping It

The same logic applies to dehydrated, flaky hands. There’s a good chance your paws are dry right now, given the dropping temperatures and frequent sanitizing–and without a quality hand cream to fill in the cracks, your hands may appear rough and scaly post-mani.

We recommend selecting a formula with rich butters and oils–like moringa oil, squalene, and shea butter–to help fortify the skin barrier and make your hands feel baby smooth. And if you frequently pick or nip at your cuticles, look for a cream with anti-inflammatory actives (oat oil, for example, is incredibly soothing for the skin).

Just make sure your hand cream isn’t too greasy since you do have to wield a tiny paintbrush mere moments later–this is obviously less of an issue when someone else is painting your nails, but it’s important criteria to think about during an at-home mani (and a likely reason people skip the massage–it’s a recipe for a sticky mess). Rest assured, it is possible to find a dense cream that doesn’t leave an oily film on your fingertips. For instance, our postbiotic hand cream calls on aloe vera, which gives the formula a lovely, fast-absorbing slip.

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