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This Natural Toothpaste Gives My Mouth The Deepest Clean I’ve Ever Felt

Like many natural toothpastes, the base of the blend is a botanical-derived surfactant. In place of sulfates, natural brands often use coconut-derived surfactants that are much gentler (and better for you) than their counterparts. This is true of shampoos, washes, cleansers, and yes, oral care. But then this option folds in an activated charcoal powder, the star ingredient that gives your mouth that oh-so-fresh feeling.

Charcoal has long been used in beauty for its detoxifying properties. Now, whenever you bring up “detox” in the beauty space, things can get a bit suspect–but there’s proper science here. Allow me to explain: activated charcoal is a very porous material that quite literally soaks up the things around it. That’s why you may see it used in pore-clearing masks and washes, as it sucks the gunk out of your pores. Or it’s sometimes an ingredient in scalp masks or clarifying shampoos to effectively lift up debris on the scalp or buildup on the strands. When used in oral care it removes particles in the gums and mouth and can even lift stains from the teeth. And it does it without being too harsh or stripping: The charcoal is a fine powder that’s blended with emulsifiers, so it doesn’t grate teeth or act as an abrasive.

But the formula isn’t just about cleaning or whitening, it also infuses actives that strengthen the enamel and improves your overall oral health. They blend in a naturally occurring mineral called hydroxyapatite, which is what your own enamel is made out of. When used topically, it can help strengthen and protect your teeth. There’s also green tea powder, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in the mouth, is an anti-inflammatory (very important for gum health), and can even help deal with bad breath. The formula is then sweetened with stevia and freshened with mint because the sensorial aspect of the formula is just as important: You won’t use it if it tastes or feels bad, no?

Seriously: If you’ve tried and failed to make the switch to natural toothpastes, this Wellnesse Charcoal Toothpaste might be your game-changer.

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