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This Is The Week For A Relationship Talk (Before It’s Too Late), Astrologers Say

How can you make the process of change, well, sexier? Maybe you need to slip off for a visionary weekend with your journal (and mastermind crew) or book some bodywork.

During this cycle, seduce with an air of mystery and a measure of control. Words are not the only way to get a point across. For the next few weeks, it’s the pregnant pause, the flashing gaze, or the heat of body language that will speak volumes. And are you prepared to pass every loyalty test? Trust is a must with Mercury in this investigative position, and no one’s extending the benefit of the doubt. Don’t just pledge your allegiance–prove it, too!

And if you’re not ready to go the distance, don’t even waste people’s time. Because Friday also brings the start of a seismic cycle that will last into 2022. Venus, the planet of love, seduction, and beauty, starts talking serious business in Capricorn. Normally, Venus hovers in a sign for four weeks, but because of an upcoming retrograde (which we’ll get to in a minute), she’ll set up shop here for four months, until March 6, 2022.

Kiss that situation-ship goodbye! Venus in Capricorn cycle streamlines our love goals, demanding sharper definition of our relationships. Exclusivity is not required, but don’t label your Thursday night Netflix and chill hookup “moving toward something real,” just because it happens on a weekly schedule. Have an honest talk before the retrograde, which starts on December 19 and won’t let up until January 29, 2022.

Sadly, this could interrupt holiday season harmony if you don’t deal with brewing issues, like, now. The next six weeks are buffer time. Fortify your bonds, make investments into the emotional bank account, get into a dialogue about any potential disruptions that could throw a wrench in the works as the calendar turns.

Couples can use this pragmatic Venus phase to align schedules and plans–and produce something memorable as a pair. Sure, a game-changing New Year’s celebration counts, but think bigger! Map out your one-year (or five-year) goals; share bucket lists in bed. Some people might discover a deal-breaker through this process. Uh-oh. If one person is dreaming of white picket fences in suburbia while the other is thinking white sand beaches in five different surf towns, it’s best to know now. As a consolation, cool-headed Venus in Capricorn can turn mismatched lovers into friends.

Are things on track for a happily ever after? You may have some big announcements to make before the year is through. One thing to note about Venus retrograde, however, is that astrologers do not recommend scheduling any nuptials during this six-week phase, which happens every 18 months. (Remember May 13 to June 25, 2020?) However, if you’ve already booked the chapel, consider a secret City Hall certification before December 19 to seal the deal in celestially approved stone. Or, plan to renew vows one year later, when you can be 100% certain Venus will be direct.

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