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This Is The Only Product That Makes My Dark Spots Vanish — & It’s On Sale Today

Dark spots are my No. 1 skin care concern–most of the blemishes I encounter are tender, under-the-skin cysts, which are way more prone to scarring. I’ve tried countless remedies to help speed up cell turnover and fade those dark marks, and nothing has worked quite like EADEM’s moisturizer.

Even at my first application, I was hooked: After cleansing and patting on a hyaluronic acid serum, I topped off my nighttime skin care routine by massaging the fluffy moisturizer into my skin. When I woke up the next morning, my complexion looked noticeably brighter and more even. I continued using the moisturizer every night for a few weeks, and my dark spots completely faded from view. Better yet, the targeted peptides and niacinamide helped prevent breakouts themselves from making an appearance, which helped my lingering hyperpigmentation truly heal.

Now, I consider Cloud Cushion my holy grail moisturizer. I’m on my second jar, after I scraped my original sample completely clean; although, I simply couldn’t part with the chic, minimalist glass bottle–it now proudly serves as bathroom decor.

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