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This Is The Best Way To Actually Find Peace In Your Chaotic Schedule

Look at your experiences and life situations and take stock of each of them. Which people, places, beliefs, habits, and situations are supporting you and your growth, and which ones are limiting you? Get honest about the situations in your life that are not going as well as you’d hoped. Then ask, “What are my beliefs about this situation?” Recognize which thoughts are limiting you.

Even if you are not aware of all the things blocking you, you can set the intention to release them so you can begin to step into your power. Lesson 281 inA Course in Miraclessays, “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.” The beliefs you have about yourself and the world are important, as they direct your outcomes. Work on aligning all your beliefs to love so you feel empowered and purpose-driven, no matter how chaotic the things around you may be.

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