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This Is The Best Breakfast Hack To Balance Your Blood Sugar, If You’re Curious

Now, if you’re someone who loves something sweet to start the day, not to worry. Means also gives us some quick substitutes for those breakfast classics, like pancakes and instant oatmeal: “If you are someone who loves [instant] oatmeal or pancakes and you do want something sweet, I think the best option is chia pudding with some berries, almond butter, and walnuts,” she notes. “Chia pudding as an alternative to cereal or oatmeal is an awesome life hack.” With a hefty amount of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, she deems the mighty chia seed a breakfast superfood.

She recommends preparing it by combining two tablespoons with your choice of milk and leaving it in the fridge overnight. For extra flavor, she includes raw cocoa powder, and for a pinch of sweetness, she’s partial to monk fruit. Then to top if off the next morning, she likes to throw in berries and almond butter.

And for our pancake lovers, another simple swap is to switch up your batter of choice: “There are so many great non-grain alternatives these days,” Means says. “There are amazing keto pancakes on the market that are made with tigernut flour, coconut flour, almond flour, and they taste delicious.” (Check out these pre-made pancake mixes for inspo.) For toppings, “You can put blueberries in them, and instead of using syrup, use almond butter,” she notes.

Finally, she recommends low-sugar yogurts that contain healthy fats (flavored options typically come laden with extra sugar): “I love Forager organic cashew yogurt,” she says. “Throw a bunch of chia seeds, walnuts, almond butter, and some berries on there. That’s a great low-spiking breakfast.”

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