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This Houseplant Can Thrive Almost Anywhere & Grows Up To 20 Feet Long

Native to southeastern Asia, the golden pothos is a crafty vining plant, discernable by its heart-shaped yellow and green leaves. It’s a type of pothos–a plant species that is now native to many tropical regions around the world. (Though it can be confused for a philodendron; read up on the difference here!)

Like most photos varieties, golden pothos really isn’t picky and it can quickly spread just about anywhere. “It can grow, survive, and look well even in bathrooms, basements, or places without any natural light,” says Vladan Nikolic of the houseplant care blog, Mr. Houseplant.

When you have a happy golden pothos, there’s no telling how long this trailing plant will grow. “I have seen vines in peoples’ homes that are more than 20 feet long!” says Nika Linn, botanist and founder of Chez Flora, a Northern Colorado-based houseplant consultation service.

It also doesn’t hurt that golden pothos are proven to be effective at clearing the air, so to speak. Just ask NASA.

You’re sure to find the wildly popular plant at your local nursery, home improvement store, or online without trouble.

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