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This Everyday Habit Has A Big Impact On Belly Fat (Nope, Not Diet Or Exercise)

For this small study, researchers wanted to look into how sleeping patterns influenced things like caloric intake, appetite, weight, fat distribution (i.e., body composition), and more. The participants were a group of 12 healthy, young to middle-aged adults, and the study took place over the course of two 21-day sessions with three months in between each session.

One group acted as the control, with a normal nine hours of sleep per night, while the other group only slept for four hours a night during a majority of the 21 days. After the first session and the three-month recovery period, the groups swapped, so the original control group then had to deal with a shorter night of sleep.

Throughout the study and afterward, metrics were taken to determine any behavioral or bodily changes that developed over the course of the study.

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