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This Easy One-Pan Veggie Dish Is The Perfect Healthy Weeknight Dinner

This dish only requires one pot, which is the basic premise of all the recipes in One Pan, One Hob, One Meal by Elena Silcock. “This took me the longest time to perfect,” she writes of the recipe, “For such a simple dish, there sure are a lot of different ways to make it!” But she landed on this mix, which she says is “a little sweet, a little sharp and a lotta comfort.”

What’s more, if you make a big batch, Silcock has ideas for how to repurpose the leftovers: “Sometimes I make a double or even triple batch of the ratatouille as it’s so versatile: toss it into pasta, pile it on top of toast or pizza, or just eat it straight out of the refrigerator when you need a snack.”

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