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This Coffee Is Packed With Extra Benefits & Is Guaranteed Mold-Free

Regardless of the potential benefits, no bag of coffee beans is going to fly in our house if it tastes subpar. So when I set out to review Danger Coffee, I made sure to include Ryan on my expert testing panel (which, yes, just consisted of the two of us).

I swapped a bag of whole beans into our coffee setup, and Ryan immediately started incorporating Danger Coffee into our morning routine. I didn’t give him too much of a primer, just that I wanted to try this new coffee–I was eager to get his honest opinion, after all.

His verdict? It has a bold, nutty flavor with some cocoa notes. He also detected a slightly mineral-y taste (possibly because of that mineralization process), which contributed to an earthy flavor. While I admittedly didn’t pick up on that sensorial spectrum, I did enjoy the deep, rich flavor and aroma of Danger Coffee. Overall: It passed the taste test.

Ryan also appreciated that the beans were single-origin–a gold standard in the coffee world.

As for the well-being review: After sipping Danger Coffee every morning for a week, I also tried to tune into my body and notice if I felt any different than usual. While I can’t make any definitive claims, I did feel a slightly less heightened coffee buzz than I normally experience. Instead, I felt a more mild, steady energy and mental alertness that seemed to persist throughout the day.

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