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This Buzzy Ingredient *Might* Clog Your Pores — Unless You Do This

If you’ve struggled with acne before, or know somebody who has, then you likely understand the difficult process of finding topicals that actually work. So many skin care products claim to help clear breakouts, but just because certain ingredients may work for some people doesn’t mean they will help everyone.

One popular way to check if a product is suitable for acne-prone skin is to look for noncomedogenicon the label. This is supposed to mean the product won’t clog your pores, and thus shouldn’t cause breakouts. But here’s the caveat: There is no real definition of “comedogenic,” and what clogs one person’s pores might be another’s all-time hero ingredient. That said, it’s always best to assess on a case-by-case level and rely on testing products instead.

Specifically, there’s one ingredient that can fall into the comedogenic category for some but continues to pop up on ingredient lists…including products that are formulated to help treat acne. Confusing, we know. But don’t worry; we asked skin care experts to get you all of the information on this buzzy ingredient. Here, we’re talking about algae, in all of its many forms.

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