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This Backyard Beehive Makes Harvesting Your Own Honey 10X Easier

Cedar Anderson had the idea for the Flow Hive in his 20s, after years of keeping bees and extracting honey the old-fashioned way.

To get honey out of a conventional beehive, you need to remove one of the hive’s frames at a time, brush off the bees, and carry the frame to a device called a centrifuge, which extracts honey from the honeycombs. From there, you sieve and filter your honey and put the frame back where you found it. It’s a time-consuming process that requires some patience.

“I sat there one day and went, hang on, there must be a better way. Can’t we just tap the honey straight out of the hive and leave the bees be?” Anderson tells mbg on a call from his home in Australia. From there, Anderson and his father, Stuart, set out on a decades-long process to reinvent the beehive to simplify its extraction process.

The result is the Flow Hive, which allows beekeepers to simply twist a handle and watch honey flow directly out; no centrifuge or disassembly required. The Flow Hive broke crowdfunding records when it first launched in 2015, and it now has 75,000 users in over 130 countries around the world.

“The home beekeeping community is amazingly passionate about Flow Hive,” says Anderson. “I think what’s happened is it has created a whole new experience for backyard beekeepers. You can sit there with your family filling up jars of honey in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

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