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These Bite-Size Vegan Cheesecakes Are Perfect For A Party (Sans Excess Sugar)

Food Writer By Eliza Sullivan

Food Writer

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Image by Tiina Strandberg / Contributor

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December 18, 2021 — 0:04 AM

Looking for a better-for-you dessert for this festive season? This dessert pairs two classics–cookies and cheesecake–into a bite-size vegan sweet that’s perfect for a party or just a cozy holiday at home.

From Fantastic Vegan Cookies by Tiina Strandberg, these treats use a combination of cashews, lemon juice, and maple syrup to create a filling that’s reminiscent of a classic cheesecake. Then, they’re topped with another popular flavor: raspberries. “This recipe was inspired by the first cheesecake I ate in New York over 10 years ago,” writes Strandberg. “Before that I had never paired cheesecake with raspberries, although I knew it was a classic combination.”

Naturally sweetening both the cookie and the filling with just a bit of maple syrup helps keep them healthier than other holiday cookie options, and means that the final product isn’t overly sugary in taste. (If you want them to be a bit sweeter, Strandberg recommends dusting them with powdered sugar.)

“You can also enjoy these cookies with fresh strawberries or raspberry jam or strawberry jam if you don’t have raspberries,” she adds. Our suggestion: Make the simple cookie and filling, and then top them with a few different options–that way, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

Reprinted with permission from Fantastic Vegan Cookies by Tiina Strandberg, Page Street Publishing Co. (C) 2021. Photo credit: Tiina Strandberg.

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