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These 9 Fan-Favorite Beauty Products Are All Under $15

The brand’s no-nonsense formulas are highly concentrated and totally transparent. The ingredients called out in the product names and splashed across the front of their packaging tell it like it is–percentage and all! You don’t have to scour through a messy ingredient list to figure out the active ingredients, only to find out that it contains a low percentage of said ingredient. It’s right there, spelled out for everyone to see.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also an incredibly accessible brand thanks to their budget-friendly price tags. Unlike other well-respected skin care brands that charge upward of $30, $40, even $100 for an anti-aging serum, you can scoop one up from The Ordinary for under $10. In fact, nothing at The Ordinary costs more than $30. Even a bundle set is $29.26.

With these key traits at the forefront of their brand identity, it’s no wonder The Ordinary garnered a cult following so quickly. Though there are a lot of great products to choose from, we rounded up our top nine favorites to get you started. From hydrating serums to multitasking oils to detoxing masks, keep scrolling to see the best products from The Ordinary.

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