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These 2 Beauty Supplements Finally Helped Me Feel In Control Of My Skin*

Like I said before, I’ve used tons of topical treatments for my skin in the past. But aside from that, I’m actually quite experienced in the skin supplement space as well. I’ve tried all sorts of skin vitamins, hormone-balancing chews, special teas, you name it–all with little to no noticeable results.

This time, however, was very different. Within the first two weeks of taking beauty & gut collagen+ and cellular beauty+, my skin felt hydrated and stopped flaking–period.* I made sure to keep my lifestyle the same as it was before to make sure I could tell if the supplements were doing their job, and, well, they sure were.

Because my skin was looking better overall, I wasn’t wearing as much makeup (total win). I was starting to get used to seeing redness on my skin after braving the winter elements all day long, but even those started to ease.* I knew these supplements were going to be good (they’re part of the mindbodygreen portfolio, of course), but I didn’t realize how much of a difference they would make in every aspect of my skin.*

Now, being a beauty editor, I can understand why these supplements are so sublime. The hyaluronic acid from the collagen powder works alongside phytoceramides in cellular beauty+ to hydrate my skin from the inside out.* Meanwhile, the turmeric from the collagen powder delivers serious anti-inflammatory power at the cellular level throughout my body (including my skin), which I suspect, helped ease the aforementioned redness and irritation in my skin.*

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