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The Year’s Only Full Moon In Aries Will Be A Showstopper: How To Harness It

The headstrong Ram can serve up a strong brew of confidence that might verge on swagger. Under this lunar spotlight, serious egos will be on display. (Twitter war alert!) Know where to draw the line between confident and cutthroat, and when it’s best to just disengage.

Warning: Since Aries is the zodiac’s warrior, this full moon may churn up aggression and anxiousness. Find a healthy outlet for release instead of getting sucked into a rage-filled comments thread. If you’re the type who has a short fuse, steer clear of triggering people. Under this cosmic “lunacy,” buttons are easily pushed, escalating a minor grievance into a bloody battle.

Burn off stress instead of burning bridges. Turn your living room into a dance floor or trek off on an adventurous day hike. Boxing workouts are great to release aggression under this full moon, so think about setting up a bag if you have space at home. If you’re up for the challenge, check out online classes for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Krav Maga, a military-based training that teaches you how to defend yourself on and off the mat. Who knows? Being part of a virtual “Fight Club” could move all the pent-up frustration from 2021 out of your body, freeing up life-force energy that’s been stuck for months.

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