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The Vitamin C Supplement Health & Beauty Experts Are Raving About

With a plethora of citrus fruits and other vitamin-C-rich foods at our fingertips, you would think getting enough vitamin C each day would be a walk in the park. After all, most people get plenty of vitamin C from their diets–right?

Unfortunately, more U.S. adults struggle to consume adequate amounts of vitamin C each day than you may realize (a whopping 46%, in fact). The reality is this: Even in 2022, vitamin C insufficiency is a national concern that affects 42% of American adults, per results from blood tests.

In case you aren’t aware, vitamin C is an integral part of many everyday physiological functions across body systems–from the brain and heart to our skin and joints, it’s vital to everyday and long-term health.*

As the body’s primary water-soluble antioxidant, it plays a leading role in the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions that support vascular function, collagen synthesis and maintenance, innate and adaptive immune response, the scavenging of free radicals, oxidative balance, and more.* So, yes–not getting enough vitamin C is a big deal.

When we’re struggling to get the C we need from food, a high-quality vitamin C supplement can bridge the nutrient gap and ensure we’re getting the potent, everyday antioxidant support we desperately need.* And gaps aside, science clearly indicates the incremental gain of higher potency vitamin C supplementation for robust and optimal health, from your immune function to cardiovascular system.*

For these reasons, at mbg, we wanted to create the best high-potency vitamin C supplement that prioritized cellular absorption, retention, and bio utilization–and so, we did.*

Enter: vitamin C potency+, mindbodygreen’s innovative supplement that packs a potent 1,000-milligram dose of a highly absorbable vitamin C-lipid-citrus bioflavonoid trio with superior free radical scavenging abilities, anti-inflammatory actions, and rate of absorption compared to other forms of vitamin C.*+

Our high dose of vitamin C is personally escorted (it’s fancy like that) by fatty acids from rice bran to aid in its transport and cellular absorption. Additionally, this scientifically advanced formula contains a broad-spectrum of citrus bioflavonoids from 100% whole citrus fruits (lemon, key lime, grapefruit, and orange) to help buffer the precious vitamin C from oxidation.*

This truly cutting-edge formula helps your body utilize a potent serving of C to its highest ability–and top health and beauty experts can’t get enough.* Here’s what doctors, nutritionists, scientists, medical estheticians, integrative health practitioners, and beauty pros alike have to say about vitamin C potency+.

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