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The Upcoming Eclipse Will Affect This Sign The Most, Astrologers Say

So, who is this astrological event going to affect the most? None other than Sagittarius, of course. The new moon and eclipse is in the archer’s sign, aka Sagittarius’ first house of beginnings, self, and identity.

As the twins explain, this gives Sags one more reason to light up their birthday candles. (We’re in the midst of Sagittarius season right now, until December 21.) This is the year’s only new moon in Sag, and with the eclipse in tow, it’s going to feel like a major reset.

Sagittarius folks may feel brand-new in every way, they note, adding that this energy has been building since eclipses started falling along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis last year. “The destabilizing challenges you’ve weathered since then are now fodder for the next amazing stage of your growth,” they say.

To harness this powerful energy, the twins explain the Sags out there need to leave hesitation behind and follow the fire blazing beneath their feet. “Take a walk in the brave new direction that’s calling your name,” they add.

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