The TRUTH About Holiday Weight Gain

holiday weight gain

I can’t wait to start the Holiday Survival Challenge with you on Nov. 29th! It’s exactly what we all need to stay consistent, have FUN and avoid holiday weight gain.

How many years have you hit January and felt completely awful? Like literally a giant puffed pastry ready to burst. Same girl, same.

I always felt like it was all or nothing. Either I’d deprive myself and feel like a scrooge at every party or, more often than not, I’d say f-it and eat and drink everything in sight for 2 months.

Both options suck, but lucky for you I’ve spent years perfecting my routines so I can truly have balance during this time of year and so can you!

Holiday Weight Gain

Did you know an excess of 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat. That might sound like a lot of extra calories, but depending on your social calendar they can add up fast!

Most people gain between 1-3 pounds in the month of December alone. And we aren’t just talking water weight…straight up excess fat. The worst part is most people never lose that extra weight so it just compounds year after year. 

Not us! Not this year or ever again…

That’s why I wrote my Holiday Survival Guide & Recipe ebook, to give you everything you need to take back control so we can enjoy the holiday fun without gaining a pound.

Survive the Holidays & Enjoy Them Too!

The Holiday Survival Guide & Recipe Book is loaded with incredible resources to help you build your holiday routines and focus on self care, but most importantly, it has over 30 scrumptious holiday recipes

I love the holidays and I LOVE food so obviously this was a no-brainer. 

You’ll find more delicious versions of your favorite desserts, sides, cocktails and everything else you crave this time of year so you can enjoy them all season long, guilt-free!

You’re going to flip when you see these recipes! Make sure you download it here so you can start enjoying them now!

Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss

I recommend you get at least 20g of protein , 5 times a day.

One scoop of LSF Plant Protein = 20g of protein and makes it SO easy when you’re short on time! Grab yours here.

It will help curb cravings, burn more fat, and build lean muscle which means you’ll burn more calories without even trying!

I’ve added some amazing new recipes and included LSF Nutrition in them to make sure you are ahead of the game this holiday! 



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