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The Treehouse-Inspired Airbnb At The Top Of Our Vacation Bucket List

The birds are very active around the Nook, so first and foremost you will hear the birds. If you get up very early, you will hear the “dawn chorus” when all of the birds announce the coming of the sun. In late summer the evening air is filled with the sounds of crickets. The squirrels are always making some kind of sound, whether they are gnawing on walnut shells or scurrying through the leaves.

Inside the Nook you might notice the smells of the local Elder & Co. candles, which are themselves inspired by the woods, national parks, and trails of Western NC containing essences of the conifers and herbs that can be found in these mountains. You may smell some of the aromatic woods, like oak, used in the house.

Outside, the cool air under the canopy has that impossible-to-describe “woodsy” smell, with the occasional pop of cherry from the wild cherry trees.

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