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The Top 3 Hair Removal Mistakes This Derm Sees All The Time

As with anything in beauty, it’s good to set reasonable expectations. “For hair removal, I do consider lasers the gold standard, but that doesn’t mean it works the same for everyone,” she says. To start, it may not work for those with light or gray hair as it targets the pigment of the hair, and thus isn’t as able to see light fibers.

But even those who do qualify as good candidates (read: dark body hair fibers), it may not mean you’re hair-free for life. “I like to call it laser hair reduction because it may not be permanent for you. So many of us who’ve gotten it, we’ll have to do a touch-up treatment here or there once or twice a year,” she says.

Finally, she notes that your professional should be mindful of your skin tone when selecting the specific laser to use on you. Always find a reputable expert who has experience treating skin tones similar to yours.

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