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The Surprising Ways My Nighttime CBD Gummy Improved My Relationship To Work

Of course, for quite some time, I convinced myself otherwise. Caught in the thrill of deadlines and an ever-engaging creative atmosphere, I forgot how much I liked to relax and read poetry or nerd out over the latest docuseries. Any semblance of a wind-down routine withered away… Until the research caught up with me.

Turns out I fell for the common story that if I work harder, for longer, I’ll do a better job. But the research paints a vividly different picture. The longer we work, the more likely we are to experience fatigue or stress that reduces our productivity. Our brain performs best when we “deactivate and reactivate” our goals, versus putting our head down until we cross the finish line. Similarly (and this is what hooked me), stepping away from work enhances creativity, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the creative juices flowing.

As my fellow career enthusiasts may understand, setting boundaries around work can be the last thing we feel like doing… Until we realize it positively influences our productivity. As humans, strategic renewal (aka downtime) is a critical piece to us showing up as our best selves. So with the research to back it, I finally embraced the importance of a wind-down ritual as a way to cultivate a healthier relationship to work. And thanks to the calming support of the PlusCBD Reserve Collection Gummies, I’ve been able to stick to it.*

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