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The Surprising Home Decor Hack That Can Help Relieve Anxiousness

Blue light gets a bad rap, but the thing is, you actually want that blue and green light exposure during the day to help regulate your natural sleep and wake cycle. Not to mention, that blue light helps boost alertness and can even elevate your mood. It’s perhaps why people tend to experience more depressive feelings during the winter months when there is less light exposure.

That said, Stillman notes, “I want you to get a certain amount of light in your eye, just to make sure you’re having adequate energy coming into the body to time those rhythms and to set off that cascade of neurotransmitter and hormone release.” But if you’re sitting in a dimly lit room all day long? You might not be getting enough of those blue and green frequencies.

Stillman continues: “We frequently find that people who are struggling with [anxiousness] linked to neurotransmitter and hormone levels have a very dim environment during the day.” He references a 2016 animal study from the journal Molecular Vision, which found that rats exposed to dim lighting during the day showed increased anxious behaviors and several indicators of HPA axis imbalance (reminder: The HPA axis is responsible for releasing our stress hormones).

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