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The Spring Cleaning Routine An Organizational Coach Swears By

Next stop, I get back to basics by removing any layers of winter still lingering in my home. You know the culprits: hats in mudrooms, tissue packets on shelves, perhaps that mid-winter romance novel you began but never finished. If it settled on a surface, wall, or fridge during winter, it’s time to clean it out. Trust me, new trinkets like fresh flowers, graduation invites, and concert tickets will soon appear in its place.

Removing winter dirt sure feels great too. Personally, I go room by room and mindfully clear all surfaces, wiping down dirt and dust along the way. If I’m inspired, I’ll also declutter my space and freshen up the decor. And don’t forget those floors! Whether it’s a sweep, a vacuum, or a deep wash, nothing says ‘spring cleaning’ like getting winter grime off your floors. If you have time for nitty-gritty tasks like deep cleaning your microwave or shower, that’s also super satisfying.

As you go, eyeball anything that’s torn, broken, or impossibly stained. Clean it if you can–or make a note if it needs to be repaired or perhaps, replaced.

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