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The Special Reason That June Has Not One — But Three — Birthstones

Thinking back to Cancer’s association with the moon, this is another stone that was aptly chosen for the month of June. And as Leavy tells mbg, moonstone is best known for balancing emotions: “It connects with the element of water and with the moon, so it’s deeply entwined with the emotions and intuition, and it really helps bring out this ebb and flow of your inner emotional compass,” she explains.

Not only that, but when emotions get turbulent, moonstone can help you “ride the waves,” so to speak. “It really helps you step into your own tenderness and become really nurturing of yourself and of others, and it helps you open up to your intuition and be guided by your own inner guidance,” Leavy adds.

If you’re into any sort of moon rituals or water rituals, she also notes this is the stone to incorporate. “It’s great for actually facilitating and enhancing a connection with the energies of the moon,” she notes, adding it can “open you up to the influences of the water element, which is deeply connected with emotions, intuition, and cleansing.”

And you can work with this stone the entire month of June, not just Cancer season, because according to Leavy, moonstone is also associated with Gemini (and Gemini season runs through the beginning of June), as well as Scorpio.

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