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The Part Of Your Zodiac Chart You’ve Never Looked At — But Is Majorly Revealing

Critical degrees tend to signal a challenge in the zodiac chart. As the twins explain, critical degrees “can add some extra heft to the planet’s influence in your chart because you have to work a little harder in this area of life.” They add that in some ways, having critical degrees in your chart is comparable to being born with a planet that’s retrograde.

“While you may have extra struggles,” they note, “pushing through will make you unstoppable and self-sufficient in ways other people may never achieve.”

And of course, because nothing in astrology is black and white, the twins add that it’s important to remember any degree can be significant in a chart if the planet forms an aspect (a special angle that’s either 0?, 60?, 90?, 120? or 180?) to another planet in the chart. “That sets up a dialogue between the two (or more!) planets that has them working together or at cross purposes for you,” they explain.

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