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The One Thing You Should Do Every Single Time You Look In The Mirror

The objective of mirror work is to help people overcome their inner critic, learn to love themselves, and in essence, start believing the positive affirmations they’re saying to themselves in the mirror.

Hay’s 21-day program involves doing mirror work for a total of three weeks in the beginning, noting in her book that after those three weeks, you’ll have begun to plant seeds of self-love in your psyche.

So does it really work? Moun D’Simone, a spiritual mentor and meditation instructor, tells mbg she has found mirror work to be incredibly transformative in her own self-love journey.

As D’Simone began welcoming a more loving attitude while looking in the mirror, she found “it became this practice of intentionally spending time in front of the mirror, to break free and break through the negativity and self-judgment that comes so easily from conditioning.”

While it was uncomfortable at first, she says she was able to learn how to peel away the fears and insecurities and truly see herself and the truth of her heart.

And if you’re curious about what the research says, one 2017 study on mirror work found it to be an effective addition to self-compassion practices, with the study authors noting, “The mirror enhances the efficacy of this self-compassion manipulation in activating the soothing affect system connected with parasympathetic nervous system activity.”

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