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The One Thing This Hair Care Expert Wants You To Stop Doing

When you plan to style your hair, does this scene sound familiar? You grab your tool of choice, plug it in, and immediately crank it up to the highest setting. If so, here’s a friendly nudge to please stop doing that.

“People were quite aware that certain tools and habits can damage your hair. What we were finding is that sometimes they were willing to compromise just for getting that right style,” she says. But Lup (and myself!) encourage you to rethink how hot the tool actually needs to be to achieve the desired effect. It may surprise you how low of temperature you can get away with and still get your perfectly coiffed strands. (And as someone who has used it, especially with the new Dyson Corrale.)

“Always try to start with the lowest temperature; see how happy you are with the result. You may find that for some hair types, you’ll want to go to the mid-temperature or even, yes, the highest temperature. But again, that’s all depending on your hair type and your hair density,” she says. “But experiment with lower temperatures first. You have to let the technology work for you.”

Another instance you might want to turn down the heat? Touch-ups, Lup says. Let’s say your hair is styled and you’re stretching it out for a few days–for a refresh, you likely don’t need to use as high of a setting as you did on the first pass. And even this simple change reduces the amount of heat you’re using on your strands.

If you take away anything from this episode let it be this: Heat styling doesn’t have to be harsh on the fibers. If you simply make more mindful choices with how you do it, you can better protect your strands. And that starts with turning down that temperature.

For more heat styling tips, trend talk, and more about Dyson’s high-tech tools, tune in.

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