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The One Foundation Trick This Makeup Artist Wants You To Avoid

It sounds nice in theory: You’re essentially giving your beauty sponge some skin-soothing properties, transforming it into a facial-roller/beauty-sponge hybrid that can calm your skin and blend your makeup.

But according to makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, it’s mostly hype. “As a makeup artist and someone who makes sponges, I personally think this hack is a bit silly,” she says. First, “The ice can melt while you’re applying, which can impact the texture and pigments in your foundation,” she continues. “Makeup is formulated to be room temperature, and any deviation can have an impact on how it goes on.” Since oil and water do not play nice (and most makeup is oil-based), you may wind up with a goopy, patchy application when the sponge starts to thaw.

Plus, says Patinkin, a frozen beauty sponge might not lend a natural-looking finish, if that’s the look you’re hoping for. “Foundation works better when it melds with your skin via a slight increase in body heat, which won’t happen if you’re using a frozen tool.”

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