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The Most Expansive Zodiac Season Has Arrived: Here’s How To Harness It

We live in a diverse world, and astrological ambassador Sagittarius is here to stretch us beyond familiar terrain. Fortunately, a passport is not required to broaden your horizons. Just focus on your mindset. In recent years, organizations and individuals have come to understand that promoting diversity does little to effect change. In order to move beyond mere “optics,” embracing inclusion and equity is a must. This article from General Assembly does a great job of defining these terms.

Inclusion “is about folks with different identities feeling and/or being valued, leveraged, and welcomed within a given setting.” Or as one facilitator interviewed put it, “Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Equity, on the other hand, “is an approach that ensures everyone access to the same opportunities. It recognizes that advantages and barriers exist, and that, as a result, we all don’t start from the same place. Equity is a process that begins by acknowledging that unequal starting place and makes a commitment to correct and address the imbalance.”

Sagittarius season 2021 is the perfect time for people to open their minds and hearts. For some of us, that looks like taking a difficult personal inventory. For others, it’s directing privileged friends toward these resources so as not to have to educate them on their own unconscious biases.

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